What is and why Calico ?

Like the various colored patches on cats fur create the beautiful color pattern of their coat, so these modules create a free, easy-to-use and scalable pipeline for your computer-generated imagery.
It's free. You can use it for whatever you want to do as I always think if I'm a good programmer and you a good artist, we can create something together even if I don't know you and you don't know me. I give you the tools and you use them to show me (and the rest of the world) what your imagination can do.

Do you want to collaborate ?

Download it and use it. Any better idea of collaboration ? Please, send me an email about it.


It's currently in a very early stage for the masses but I'd like to give you at least the module that I thought could be part of this project and that I always had to renovate/revamp a little, the CityGenerator.
It will be included in Calico as a standalone tool without any 3D application dependency.

  • buildingsgenerator
    commandline tool to create buildings (currently saved as OBJ)
    • 0.1 (04-Nov-2012)

Take sneak peek at the complete set of modules that will be available soon

  • citygenerator
    City generator with image-based layout ported in Qt with the new free-hand layout drawing
  • animoviewer
    OpenGL ANIMO (Calico custom file format) viewer
  • animoconverter
    Converter for various 3D file format from and to ANIMO
  • demiurgo
    ANIMO geo deformer

(c) 2012 - Paolo Emilio Selva :: paoloemilioselva@gmail.com